‘Single Model’ on HMN TV

British model Samar Khoury stuns in new swaGGerscan TV series. ‘Single Model’ is the first dating show for models who, believe it or not, can’t find a date. READ MORE

New swaGGerscan Series Has People Talking… About Getting Tested!

Hosted by dating coach Chelsea Penner, “swaGGerscan and Chill” represents the future of online dating, where safety and transparency are prioritized over convenience and speed. It’s an exciting new approach that may very well revolutionize the way we look at online dating and allow people to feel more confident and secure when swiping left or right. READ MORE

‘The QP’: A Gripping Tale of Internet Addiction and Blackmail

“The Quiet Pandemic” tells the story of Jason, a young man living in a world consumed by technology and the internet. Jason finds himself constantly glued to his phone and computer, and as a result, his relationships suffer. It isn’t until he’s anonymously blackmailed that he realizes just how deep his addiction goes. With the threat of his dark secrets being exposed, Jason must navigate a world of hackers and digital manipulation in order to protect his reputation and those closest to him. With its thought-provoking exploration of the dangers of technology and its impact on modern society, “The Quiet Pandemic” is both compelling and cautionary, a cautionary tale of how easily our addiction to the internet can spiral out of control. Daveontae Knight gives a powerful performance as the troubled Jason, wrestling with the demons of his past while trying to stay one step ahead of his cyber adversaries. READ MORE

‘The Influencer’ – Only on HMN TV

Are you ready to keep up with the new trendsetters? ‘The Influencer’ is the hottest TV series you’ll be hooked on in no time. From the creators of the wildly successful social media app, ‘tooGGee’, comes a brand new show that showcases the most talented users from around the world. That’s right, if you’ve managed to amass 100,000 followers on ‘tooGGee’, you just might have what it takes to be the next big breakout star in ‘The Influencer’. READ MORE

Why a Dating Platform Like swaGGerscan is Best for Celebrities

Celebrities often find themselves in a tricky position when it comes to dating. Hence, why a dating platform like swaGGerscan that encourages STI testing protocols would be ideal for celebrities. READ MORE

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