The Downside to ‘Netflix & Chill’

The year was 2009. The same year Kanye (known today as’Ye’), stunned not only Taylor Swift, but also Beyoncé and a national TV audience after rushing the stage to pronounce ‘Bey’ the rightful winner of ‘Best Female Video’. READ MORE

40 DATING HACKS: The Ultimate Guide to Moving From Online Dating to Meeting Face to Face

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry   Firstly, let’s address the notion of whether having a dating strategy is a good thing or if it’s bad idea.  In a perfect world, your ideal mate will walk up to you at the gym and smile and say – “Hey, I’m single […]

New swaGGerscan Series Has People Talking… About Getting Tested!

Hosted by dating coach Chelsea Penner, “swaGGerscan and Chill” represents the future of online dating, where safety and transparency are prioritized over convenience and speed. It’s an exciting new approach that may very well revolutionize the way we look at online dating and allow people to feel more confident and secure when swiping left or right. READ MORE

Thinking of Joining? Here’s What You Can Expect on swaGGerscan

Are you worried about the other pandemic (the STD crisis) and you’re thinking of joining swaGGerscan? If so, it’s important to remember that taking care of your sexual health should always come first. Although we DO NOT require members to get tested, we do encourage members to know their health status. Before jumping into the […]

Romance Scammer Defrauded Several Singles Out of a Combined Total of $100,000

According to the police report, the scammer created a fake profile on an online dating site, using pictures of an attractive individual and a fake name. The scammer then began contacting potential victims, often striking up romantic conversations and gaining their trust over time. READ MORE

EkaScan Technologies: The Process of Owning Your Business Process

The dawn of a new era and a lesson in owning your entire business process. READ MORE

‘The Influencer’ – Only on HMN TV

Are you ready to keep up with the new trendsetters? ‘The Influencer’ is the hottest TV series you’ll be hooked on in no time. From the creators of the wildly successful social media app, ‘tooGGee’, comes a brand new show that showcases the most talented users from around the world. That’s right, if you’ve managed to amass 100,000 followers on ‘tooGGee’, you just might have what it takes to be the next big breakout star in ‘The Influencer’. READ MORE

BREAKING NEWS: EkaScan Technologies is now a vendor for Leon County Schools

EkaScan Technologies, responsible for building and developing popular new soc media platforms swaGGerscan and tooGGee, has recently announced that it has become a new vendor for Leon County Schools. This news marks a significant… (READ MORE)

Why a Dating Platform Like swaGGerscan is Best for Celebrities

Celebrities often find themselves in a tricky position when it comes to dating. Hence, why a dating platform like swaGGerscan that encourages STI testing protocols would be ideal for celebrities. READ MORE

Meeting a Pro Athlete on a Dating Site

For professional athletes, dating can be a challenge given their hectic schedules of training, games, and extensive travel schedules. As a result, an increasing number of athletes have turned to online dating to meet potential partners who share their busy lifestyle. With highly specialized dating apps like swaGGerscan, The League, Elite Singles, or FitnessSingles designed specifically for…(READ MORE)