Why a Dating Platform Like swaGGerscan is Best for Celebrities

Why a Dating Platform Like swaGGerscan is Best for Celebrities

Celebrities often find themselves in a tricky position when it comes to dating. On the one hand, they need to maintain a level of privacy while still protecting themselves from potential partners wanting to bask in the reflected glory of their celebrity status. Furthermore, as celebrities have multiple people vying for their attention, many are considering the possibility that they may come in contact with someone who could expose them to a sexually transmitted infection (STI) as part of dating.

Hence, why a dating platform like swaGGerscan that encourages STI testing protocols would be ideal for celebrities.

Firstly, celebrities need a dating platform that prioritizes discretion and privacy. Exclusive dating platforms like this one requires additional security and privacy protocols to confirm the participating members are real and have similar values to protect against unfortunate circumstances. Most importantly, having an honest discussion around STI prevention and screening can be massively beneficial in eliminating the anxieties these create for both celebrities and ordinary citizens.


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swaGGerscan provides participating celebrities with access to testing through our partnership with Lab Testing API. Lab Testing API is a company specialized in providing lab testing services via API integration with various applications of medical and health generalists. The lab testing service company reimagines the traditional process of ordering and processing lab tests for its clients by utilizing API technology. Their solution permits clients’ apps to make API calls to verify available labs, overall blood-select-screenings and conduct real-time tracking and monitoring of specimen logistics and delivery. Lab Testing API also provides flexible payment methods culminating in price point accessibility for consumers who require multiple tests. Their completely virtual, Artificial Intelligence-supported protocols, help customers send tests to qualified labs while still ensuring accuracy, security, and complete privacy compliance concerning personal health information. Members can enable tools scrutinizing STI results personally submitted by the online community or leverage in-person verification service (partially courtesy of participating health insurance company offerings), which can provide targeted testing that reduces anxiety or stigma.

A dating like swaGGerscan provides integrated API-supported STI testing solutions giving celebrities the privacy and reassurance they need during the dating process. Our platform provides a more manageable and trustworthy way to approach this discussion. In such a dating model, matches are typically made based on selected criteria or filtration arranged among members, respectively ensuring mutual attraction, common interest, or compatibility, and based on health non-diagnosis in some sense of those filters, and background/preference data.

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In summary, it is essential for swaGGerscan to prioritize the testing encouragement, discretion, privacy and confidentiality, while also providing reputable in-platform health STI testing access, making dating among celebrities and ordinary members safer, and securing one’s peace of mind. This type of dating platform is guaranteed to be successful and will immensely benefit celebrities’ lifestyles and general health. Communal sector health actions should benefit society as a whole but should also enhance the enjoyment and relief in our most private realms, and where effort introduces celebrity promotional advocacy to the wider public audience, these benefits are magnified by affection and admiration for vanguard ideas that benefit all. Enjoy!


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