Top 20 2Pac Channels on YouTube (Forget the rest, these are the best)

Top 20 2Pac Channels on YouTube (Forget the rest, these are the best)

Tupac Shakur is a legend in the world of hip-hop, and his music continues to inspire and influence new generations. With millions of fans around the world, it’s not surprising that there’s a wealth of Tupac content available on YouTube. To help you navigate this sea of videos, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 Tupac Shakur YouTube channels.


1.  Lay Legendary. ‘Lay Legend’ is a YouTube channel that quickly gained popularity among its viewers in 2014 after being the first Youtuber to make the case that Tupac was still alive.  At the time, a growing trend of altered versions existed surrounding the loss of the world’s largest Hip Hop icon. With his unique content and careful review of everything that took place during the time of Tupac’s passing, Lay Legend concluded that the star rapper and actor had faked his own death and that the famous rap star had infused clues in his lyrics for fans to find.  The channel covers a range of topics about what he believes really happened during the fateful time leading up to the night including clues left in footage, a revisited look at key interviews and details of what happened in 1996.  Another unique aspect of Lay Legend’s videos is that he has recently moved to posting gaming videos due to the results of what calls being “shadow banned” – which is a term for when a social media account’s posts and comments are no longer visible to other users.  While dominating his chosen game, the host engages fans via live chat which makes every video feel like a conversation between friends, rather than a Tupac-tutorial.  In conclusion, Lay Legend has carved a niche in the YouTube community by offering fresh, relatable content that anyone can follow. ‘Lay’ states that his reason for switching to gaming is so that he can reach a younger audience that might believe some of those false information and altered narratives. Whether you’re looking for a the truth about what really happened in Las Vegas on the night of September 7th 1996, or some high level one man army gaming tactics, Lay Legend is the channel to visit.  So, subscribe to Lay Legend today and join his chat-community of laid-back subscribers who pay no attention to falsehoods about Pac.


2.  Discretion TV. Discretion TV is a rising YouTube channel that frequently delivers an incredible mix of 2pac’s music and entertaining content that never fails to impress. The channel has been making waves for quite some time and has attracted a significant following of loyal subscribers, primarily due to its ability to carefully curate content that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.  One of the things that set Discretion TV apart is that the channel has brilliant curation and seems to understand what goes into making superior Tupac content – which is to allow Pac’s own words to tell his story. The channel carefully revisits content from recent years and places it next to old footage, interviews and videos that keep viewers hooked from start to finish. The team behind the channel places a heavy emphasis on playing Pac’s unreleased songs and original music, ensuring that all videos are visually expressing the rapper’s true feelings from that era.  Another fantastic thing about Discretion TV is that they go beyond the usual range of content that you find on YouTube. The channel has a superb selection of videos that slows down video footage of what happened while the famous musician was in Las Vegas.  Overall, Discretion TV is an innovative platform that offers viewers a diverse range of content that often goes beyond the usual offerings of other channels. With its unique and captivating videos that explore the world of art, music, lifestyle, and culture, Discretion TV has quickly become a daily must-watch for anyone who wants to discover new and emerging thoughts on the subject of Tupac Shakur.  It’s a fascinating insight into the life and work of a young icon gone too soon.


3.  Art of Dialogue. Are you looking for a YouTube channel that can help you improve your knowledge on the life and times of the great Tupac Shakur? Then, look no further than the “Art of Dialogue”! This YouTube channel focuses on the art of conversation, from analysing Tupac’s social behaviors to fascinating interviews from close friends and associates of the music legend.  Launched in 2019, has rapidly grown over the last few years due to its star-studded guests.  Made for true Pac fans, Art of Dialogue is a channel the channel was seemingly born from the host’s respect and admiration for ‘Makaveli the Don’ and looks to share top notch interviews to a community of other YouTubers who share their same sentiments towards a heavily missed music legend of Hip Hop.  It’s no surprise that the channel has received many accolades and positive reviews, with subscribers expressing gratitude for the channel’s diverse collection of interviews of many famous musicians and  entertainers.  in improving their interpersonal communication.  Keep an eye out for their content, and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button!


4.  Orange Sodas Revenge. Orange Soda Theory is a little known YouTube channel that has very few videos.  But the reason this channel is ranked so highly is due to its unique and high quality videos which seem to have inside knowledge of the rappers true story.  One of the main draws of Orange Soda Theory is its take on what actually happened on September 7, 1996.  Like Lay Legend and Discretion TV, Orange Soda Theory serves up the idea that the rap legend purposely faked his death by using…. well, you’ll need to have a look for yourself to decide.  Featuring movie-like sketches, the channel has amassed a significant take on the rapper’s moves and motivations.  Whether you believe Tupac Shakur died in Las Vegas or not, there is definitely something to take away from viewing the superb content on this channel.  So whether you’re looking for some fresh perspective on what happened in Vegas, or just want to get the channel’s take on Tupac’s feelings toward those who were in his life during that timeframe, head over to Orange Soda Theory and start exploring!


5. Makaveli Media. Makaveli Media is a YouTube channel known for its engaging and thought-provoking 2pac-content. Formerly known as ‘Gab & Sam’, the channel has amassed over 10k subscribers, making it one of the fastest growing channels on the platform.  A few of the key factors behind Makaveli Media’s success is the quality of its videos, a healthy mix of unreleased Makaveli-music, and the Baltimore-based host’s level-headed perspective on the controversial icon’s history.  Each video is meticulously produced and offers viewers a fresh and unique perspective on a particular subject.  From exploring existential concepts on events surrounding both the Quad City Studios incident and the Las Vegas incident, Makaveli Media’s videos never fail to captivate.  One of the hallmarks of Makaveli Media is its dedication to truth-seeking.  In conclusion, Makaveli Media is a YouTube channel that stands out for its quality, intelligence, and dedication to analyzing all aspects of Tupac Shakur’s life, music and untimely demise.  With more and more people discovering the channel’s thought-provoking content every day, it seems clear that Makaveli Media will continue to be a force for positive change and community-building for years to come.  


6.  Vlad TV. Vlad TV is one of the most popular YouTube channels on the internet. Since its inception, the channel has grown to be a household name, and it has amassed a vast viewership from all over the world. Vlad TV comprises a variety of topics ranging from music to interviews, news, and documentaries. Additionally, Vlad TV has a reputation for providing its viewers with original content and insightful information on trending topics.  The channel started as an outlet for Vladislav Lyubovny, a Russian-born American entrepreneur, to showcase his love for hip-hop music. Vlad began his career as an intern at the R&B and hip-hop station Hot 97 in New York City, where he honed his skills and developed a passion for music journalism. Vlad’s work ethic and dedication to the industry catapulted him to one the most recognized figures in the rap culture.  Vlad TV is particularly famous for its interviews, where the channel has managed to bring notable figures forward for some of music’s most classic interviews. Vlad TV conducts interviews with various musicians and entertainers, where they discuss their music journey, personal life, struggles in the industry, and their future projects. Additionally, Vlad TV also invites non-musicians like actors, comedians, and entrepreneurs to speak about their life experiences, creative ideas, current affairs, and different topics that affect society.  In conclusion, Vlad TV became popular from covering complex Tupac related topics and has become one of the most influential and popular channels on YouTube.  Its original content, insightful interviews and cool stage-like setting attracts an enormous following worldwide. Vlad TV’s passion for hip hop music, journalism, and discussions on relevant topics has made it a go-to channel for video updates in the entertainment industry. If you have not visited Vlad TV, then you are missing out on a great interviews and insights into music, documentaries, and discussions.


7.  Straight Game TV. “Straight Game TV” is one of the best YouTube channels that cater to the Tupac fans who are seeking honesty. This channel is famous for providing facts, creative DIYs, entertaining Pac-related subject matters, and more, all within a straight-to-the-facts perspective.  One of the most impressive features of Straight Game TV is the variety of Tupac-content it analyzes and provides to which Pac enthusiasts will love, but it does not stop there. The channel features a host who approaches the channel’s content distribution like a lawyer would apply to a high profile case (just as one should do for such an beloved figure).  Straight Game TV’s shining feature is the values and metrics it upholds regarding the truth by avoiding speculation.  Straight Game TV has positioned itself as a dependable and reliable source for accurate and informative content over anything else.  In conclusion, Straight Game TV is an amazing channel that everyone should check out.  Whether you are looking for Tupac news, insights on his record and movie deals, this awesome channel has all you need.


8.  Cam Capone News. If you’re a fan of both classic hip-hop and the world of celebrity gossip related to new age rap, then you’ll definitely want to keep up with the “Cam Capone News” YouTube channel. This channel is a one-stop-shop for all the latest news and rumors about your favorite hip-hop stars. From breaking music news to juicy celebrity scandals, the “Cam Capone News” channel is your source for everything you need to know.  One of the standout features of the “Cam Capone News” channel is its commitment to breaking news in this music genre. The channel is always interviewing hip hop artists for the latest developments in the world of hip-hop.  This means that if you want to be the first to know about Tupac, the Outlawz, or a major story in the world of hip-hop, you need to subscribe to this channel.


9.  Michael Douglas Carlin.  Michael Douglas Carlin is a rarely acknowledged YouTuber known mostly to the truth-seeking Tupac fans seeking more than just the spoon fed information served up by traditional news media outlets.  His YouTube channel, which goes by the name “Michael Douglas Carlin”, has become one of the top go-to channels on YouTube, catering to a diverse audience.  One of the reasons why Michael Douglas Carlin’s YouTube channel is so popular is the creativity and originality of his content and videos.  Although the host hasn’t produced any new material in recent months, the fan base can surely gain more insight by reviewing the host’s expert-like take which makes him one of the best Tupac reporters in the world.  If you’re looking to examine the truth about Tupac’s passing, Michael Douglas Carlin’s YouTube channel is a must-watch.


10.  Tupac Shakur Channel (OG).  The “Tupac Shakur Channel (OG)” is a YouTube channel dedicated to preserving the legacy of the late Tupac Shakur, one of the most influential rappers of all time.  The channel features a variety of content, including rare interviews, live performances, music videos and documentaries, all focusing on the life and music of the legendary artist.  The channel was created in 2011 and has been updated regularly with new content ever since. In addition to sharing Tupac’s music, the channel also serves as a platform for fans to share their own thoughts and experiences related to Tupac’s life and legacy.  One of the standout features of the channel is its impressive archive of previously unreleased material, which includes rough drafts of songs, demo tracks, and rare interviews. These videos give viewers an intimate look into Tupac’s creative process, showcasing his raw talent and genius in a way that few other mediums can.  The “Tupac Shakur Channel (OG)” is also notable for the high quality of its content.  Many of the videos on the channel have been remastered and edited to improve their visual and audio quality. This level of attention to detail and dedication to preserving Tupac’s legacy sets the channel apart from other YouTube channels focused on the rapper.  Beyond its archival capabilities, the channel also serves as an important space for discussion and community building. Fans from all over the world come together to share their love for Tupac and his music, and to celebrate the unique impact he had on hip-hop culture.  In summary, the “Tupac Shakur Channel (OG)” is an essential resource for anyone interested in the life and work of Tupac Shakur. Whether you are a lifelong fan or just discovering his music, this channel offers a wealth of rare and valuable content that provides a deep, personal insight into the creative process of one of the greatest rappers of all time.

11. GangstaRap. This channel features a collection of classic Tupac videos, including rare interviews and live performances. With more than 800,000 subscribers, GangstaRap is a must-visit for any Tupac fan.

12. MurdaRaak. With more than 400,000 subscribers, this channel is dedicated to keeping Tupac’s legacy alive. In addition to music videos and live performances, MurdaRaak also features original content related to Tupac and the culture he helped shape.

13. Karceno. Karceno is a YouTube personality who frequently delves into the world of hip-hop, and his channel includes several thought-provoking videos about Tupac’s life and career. If you’re looking for deep analysis and commentary, Karceno is an excellent resource.

14. ALL URBAN CENTRAL. With more than 2 million subscribers, ALL URBAN CENTRAL is one of the most popular hip-hop channels on YouTube. While its content covers a wide range of artists and topics, Tupac is a recurring theme, and you’re sure to find plenty of great videos here.

15. Mirror Master. If you’re interested in rare Tupac footage, Mirror Master should be your go-to channel. From private recordings to early interviews, this channel has it all.

16. StayTrue2TheGame. With more than 100,000 subscribers, StayTrue2TheGame is a relatively new channel, but it’s already gained a reputation for high-quality Tupac content. This channel’s videos are well researched and often delve into the nuances of Tupac’s music and message.

17. Gully TV. This channel is dedicated to the culture of hip-hop, and Tupac is a recurring theme in many of its videos. Gully TV frequently interviews rappers and other figures from the industry, providing a unique perspective on Tupac’s legacy.

18. TupacNation. As its name suggests, TupacNation is a fan community devoted to all things Tupac. Here you’ll find everything from classic music videos to fan-made tributes, all curated by a group of devoted fans.

19. Jmix/Jay Mix. Jmix is a YouTube personality who specializes in hip-hop content, and his channel features a wealth of Tupac-related material. With more than 20,000 subscribers, this channel is a relatively small but active corner of the Tupac YouTube community.

20. World of Rap. World of Rap covers a broad cross-section of the hip-hop universe, but Tupac is a featured artist on many of its videos. This channel’s enthusiasm is infectious, and you can’t help but get swept up in its love for Tupac and his music.

In conclusion, there are countless Tupac Shakur videos floating around on YouTube, but these top 20 channels are a great place to start. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering Tupac for the first time, these channels will introduce you to a wealth of great content and deepen your appreciation for one of the greatest musicians of all time.

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