40 DATING HACKS: The Ultimate Guide to Moving From Online Dating to Meeting Face to Face

40 DATING HACKS: The Ultimate Guide to Moving From Online Dating to Meeting Face to Face

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Firstly, let’s address the notion of whether having a dating strategy is a good thing or if it’s bad idea.  In a perfect world, your ideal mate will walk up to you at the gym and smile and say – “Hey, I’m single are you?” Unfortunately, this isn’t a romantic comedy this is your life.  If you’re reading this it is undoubtedly because of your innate desire to be prepared when meeting an acquaintance of your liking.  Its ok to hang on to concept of spontaneity and that by going about your daily life in hopes of meeting the ideal love interest while at work, at church, or in the gym, you will eventually reach your romantic goal.


There are many risks taken when investing the time to get to know someone and inviting them into your life.  I challenge you to take into consideration your own personal time and grief as a reason to plan ahead.  Here are 5 reasons to incorporate a little strategy into your get to know process:


  • You’ll be able to practice your charm and flirting skills: Whether it’s for the love life or just for fun, you’ll gain confidence and learn the ropes of relationship building
  • Your worthless encounters will go down and the confidence (AKA your ‘swaGG’) will skyrocket!
  • You’ll find ‘the one’ a lot faster with strategy than you will by leaving things to chance
  • By not using dating strategy, you are not putting your best foot forward.  Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression
  • To find someone who truly gets you and appreciates your quirks: After all, who wouldn’t want to meet their soulmate?  Avoiding an unfortunate circumstance should be a primary focus and adding a little strategy to your approach will surely help


“I’m Way Too Sexy to Go Unprotected” -Drake


While there are plenty of reasons for incorporating a plan of action when it comes to dating, you should also take the time to decide on your boundaries.  In other words, it is a good idea to decide which thing or things are actual deal breakers for you ahead of entering the dating scene.  Having standards can save you from The Three H’s – headaches, heartbreak and health problems.  Flexing those standards may feel lonely at times but having them is quite appealing so you needn’t shy away from this way of thinking. Here are 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Entering the Dating Scene:


  • What boundary framework do I need to have in order to have a healthy relationship?
  • With the right potential partner, What kind of experiences do I want to explore?
  • Do I have realistic expectations?  What is it that I’m currently looking for?  Is it love or is it something else?  For some, companionship is enough for them and pushing them to be in a serious or committed relationship can push them away.  Or worst, they stick around for some unforeseen or superficial reasons and fake it.  And where does that leave you?
  • What are my turnoffs?  Not sure?  Take inventory of past relationships and why they ended.  This may help determine what you like and what you won’t stand for
  • What should I do if my acquaintance doesn’t want to get tested.  Will this be a dealbreaker?


5 Cool Hacks for Setting Up Your Dating Profile 


  • Avoid using an overly edited photo as your profile pic
  • Quirky and witty bios are always a great way to grab attention
  • Find something that speaks to your interests and showcase it in your profile, whether it be a strong connection to a certain book or music genre
  • Take the time to showcase your unique sense of humor.   Let your goofy side shine through with a tongue-in-cheek profile description
  • Show off your fun, outgoing side by sharing a picture of yourself surrounded by friends or enjoying an activity


A Game… But Not a Game


While there are plenty of reasons
Here are 5 Brainy
 Strategies for Online Dating


  • Pick your pastimes wisely – Trying to stand out from the crowd? Make sure to think about which hobbies or interests are most likely to get someone’s attention when crafting your online dating profile. You may want to mention something unique or obscure that might make you stand out from the pack, however keep in mind that potential matches will appreciate if it’s something they can relate to
  • Decide what your romantic goals are and find a platform (or two) that appears to help you achieve them
  • Know your own health status!  How else will you be able to defend your stance on getting tested if you don’t get tested yourself ?!?
  • If you find someone you like, take your time.  Allow them to show you their consistency and sincerity before allowing yourself to ‘catch feelings’
  • Be selective – Don’t just try and talk to everyone, be picky! Tailor your online conversations accordingly to create the best impression and make sure to showcase your strong points. After all, there’s a reason why you’re online searching for that special someone!

”Confidence is cool…but swaGGer is irresistible”

5 Smart Dating Hacks for Meeting Your Online Acquaintance Offline


  • Take the first step and suggest an outing together.  like an amusement park, a sports event or a museum

  • Put a foodie spin on it — pick a restaurant you’ve both been wanting to try and get a bite together
  • Start by doing a friendly activity like going for a mini-golf, bowling or ice skating

  • Appeal to the animal-lover in both of you and plan a day at the zoo

  • Include friends and make it a group meet-up — you can all form a movie club, organize a game night to break the ice


Ladies, Nothing screams “romantic first date” quite like looking your best.  Make sure your outfit is simple but shows off your own personal style. You want your date to be impressed but true style shouldn’t be too complicated.  Choose clothing that is classy but still makes you feel comfortable.  Consider the season and weather when deciding what to wear. You don’t want to be freezing or sweating your way through the night!  If your date is at a restaurant or event, consider what’s appropriate attire – no one likes feeling underdressed or over-dressed.  Always make sure your clothing is fitted to flatter your body. Remember, confidence is the best accessory.  Remember, you want to look your best but still feel relaxed to enjoy the night!  Here are 5 Wardrobe Ideas that are sure to make you feel like the star of the show:




According to recent studies, almost 40% of American women used online dating apps or websites to find potential dates at some point in their lives, but varied statistics indicate worldwide stats may differ considerably.


  •  A sleek little black dress paired with a bold statement necklace
  • A bold pair of colored pants with a classic white button-up shirt and statement shoes
  • A neutral wrap dress with a colorful scarf and bold pair of heels
  • A statement romper paired with a bold blazer and a pair of sparkly earrings
  • A pretty floral maxi dress with minimal earrings and delicate gold sandals


According to recent studies, around 52% of American men have used an online dating app or website to find potential dates at some point in their lives. However, varying statistics exist and indicate worldwide statistics may differ considerably.


If you’re a guy in need of first date wardrobe ideas, fear not – we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re going for a casual coffee or a swanky dinner, these boy-approved looks will set you up for a night of romance.

For a more relaxed atmosphere, consider a pair of light wash denim jeans, a plain tee, and a leather jacket. Whether dressed up or down, you can’t go wrong with this classic look. Don’t forget a colorful watch and pair of stylish sneakers to complete the overall look.

For a more upscale date, you can’t go wrong with a sharp bomber jacket, some slim fit dress pants, and a dress shirt. Throw on a pair of high quality dress shoes and a slim necktie for a touch of sophistication, and you’ll be sure to make a good first impression.  Here are 5 Wardrobe Hacks that will  help ensure you look your best and make a lasting impression:


  • Don’t be afraid to show a bit of personality in your outfit- a fun pocket square or an unexpected pair of socks can go a long way
  • Make sure your clothes actually fit – ill-fitting clothes can instantly create an air of awkwardness
  • Skip the overpowering cologne – enough should be enough, and if unsure, just go with a light spritz
  • Know when it’s time to dress up a bit – it’s always important to keep the venue in mind when dressing for the occasion
  • At the end of the day, confidence is key – no amount of clever layering can outweigh an aura of self-doubt


”A Game..But Not a Game”

Truly, there are many ways to be smart when meeting people and throughout the process of getting to know your acquaintance.  Nowadays, saving oneself and refraining from sexual activity is seemingly as taboo as having sex on the first, second or even third date once was. Here are 5 Smart ways to discuss health history with your date:

  • “If you don’t mind me asking, what type of vitamins do you take?”
  • “So have you ever had any major surgeries or illnesses that have affected your life?”
  • “Aside from your regular check up, when was the last time you had a doctor take a look at you?”
  • “Have you ever had an allergic reaction to anything? If so, what was it?”
  • “Do you have any family medical history that you know of that you think I should be aware of?”

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