New swaGGerscan Series Has People Talking… About Getting Tested!

New swaGGerscan Series Has People Talking… About Getting Tested!

The latest buzz in the world of online dating is the show “swaGGerscan and Chill.” This new series follows a group of daters who not only seek true love online but also go through an extensive testing process beforehand.


Dating Coach and host – Chelsea Penner


In “swaGGerscan and Chill,” viewers get an inside look at the online dating world, following a diverse cast of singles as they navigate the ups and downs of getting to know each other online. Hosted by famous California dating coach – Chelsea Penner, the show takes a unique and introspective look at the world of online dating.  But there’s a twist: each participant goes through a strict testing and health check process which originally came from the new dating platform called “swaGGerscan,” designed for those who value getting tested.. and then dating.

According to show creator and executive producer Dia Hicks, the idea for the series came from his own personal experiences with dating before verification. He found that a lot of people weren’t discussing the most important things one should know before deciding on dating, which is what led him to develop the concept of “swaGGerscan and Chill.”

The “swaGGerscan” process includes in-depth background checks, social media analysis, and extensive interviews with past partners and friends. It’s designed to weed out any potential dishonesty, fraud, or catfishing before daters even meet for a first date.

Once a participant passes the “swaGGerscan” process, they can match with other verified and honest daters on the show, reducing the risk of contracting an STD, false identity and fraudulent intent. The series aims to provide a unique and safe dating experience for its participants while also entertaining viewers with juicy drama and love stories.

“swaGGerscan and Chill” represents the future of online dating, where safety and transparency are prioritized over convenience and speed. It’s an exciting new approach that may very well revolutionize the way we look at online dating and allow people to feel more confident and secure when swiping left or right.


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