BREAKING NEWS: EkaScan Technologies is now a vendor for Leon County Schools

BREAKING NEWS: EkaScan Technologies is now a vendor for Leon County Schools

EkaScan Technologies, responsible for building and developing popular new soc media platforms swaGGerscan and tooGGee, has recently announced that it has become a new vendor for Leon County Schools. This news marks a significant advancement for the company as it sets to provide its range of services to one of the largest school districts in Florida.

Leon County Schools is a top-performing school district with more than 32,000 students enrolled in K-12 education, spanning 55 schools in Florida. They are committed to providing a high-quality education and modernization of their operational systems and processes, which makes this partnership with EkaScan Technologies a logical and valuable opportunity to explore.

EkaScan Technologies provides photography, logo, web and app design, iOS/android app development wide-ranging and innovative custom software development perfect for managing growing organizations with complex administrative undertakings. Their services span consulting, video editing and production for the classroom, social media and TV.


EkaScan Founder and CEO Dia Hicks pictured with Leon County Schools official


This partnership means that Leon County Schools will now enjoy full access to EkaScan Technologies’ professional photography and advanced digital solutions. One of the primary advantages Leon County Schools will also gain from EkaScan Technologies software is seamless integration with its existing software tools, allowing for a smooth transition process. It is also noteworthy that EkaScan Technologies got its start at Rickards High School JROTC.

Finally, the EkaScan Technologies team has affirmed its readiness to collaborate with the school district community in addressing regulatory requirements and issues that may arise, providing immediate clarification with emphasis on document management best practices.

In conclusion, the recent announcement that EkaScan Technologies is now a vendor for Leon County Schools is indeed a groundbreaking event. It promises to positively impact the versatility of the school district by introducing many of its services which can revolutionize the learning experience and impact the overall quality of education provided. This move underlies that business that can partner with school administration can revolutionize the overall student experience.

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