FIRST DATES: What to wear and what NOT to wear

FIRST DATES: What to wear and what NOT to wear

First dates can be nerve-wracking, but choosing the right attire can give you the confidence to make a great impression. Whether you’re getting ready for a fancy dinner or a casual coffee date, here are some helpful do’s and don’ts for first date attire.


Do: Dress for the occasion
The first consideration when choosing what to wear on a first date is the location. If it’s a restaurant or theater, go for something more business casual. Male individuals can opt for dress shoes, slacks, and a dress shirt. Ladies can go for a dress or a blouse with pants or a skirt. If it’s casual, choose comfortable yet attractive outfit. A nice pair of jeans with a blouse or polo shirt works well.


Break out your threads you’ve been saving for that special occasion.


Don’t: Overdo it
While it’s important to make an effort, it’s also important not to overdo it. You do not want to look like you are trying too hard on the date with loud and ostentatious clothes. The focus should be on getting to know each other, not just making a fashion statement.


Do: Accessorize
Use informal accessories to liven up your outfit, if formally dressing you should be reserved. Simple accessories like a watch or necklace, rather than elaborate jewelry. It will showcase good taste and research if you choose something from their profile to use.


Don’t: Wear inappropriate attire
Wearing something overly revealing or suggestive is a no-go for a first date. It makes the person feels disrespected. Donning something obscene might discredit the person’s personality and morals even before the date begins.



First dates are not for reinventing yourself when it comes to your wardrobe. Your approach should be to wear something you know you’d be comfortable in.


Do: Be comfortable
Being comfortable is crucial for a first date to progress and have a good time. When you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, it shows in your demeanor and can make the other person feel at ease. If you worried, choose an outfit in which you’ve received compliments but has not been used regularly.


Don’t: Neglect personal hygiene
Apart from wearing the right clothing, basic hygiene is important on first dates. It is important to have a neat mani-pedi and hairstyling. Make use of cologne or perfume by spraying it on areas that are most likely to atttract or be attractive. This will make you feel more confident about yourself.


The key in selecting outfit is striking a balance between looking presentable without being over the top. Keep in mind it is important to be comfortable, and dressing inappropriately can ruin a date. Utilize proper hygiene, accessorize and select an outfit that you like and feel good in. With these simple considerations, you’ll be prepared to make a great first impression on any date!

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