Top 5 safest online dating sites

Top 5 safest online dating sites

Online dating has grown in popularity over the years, allowing people to meet and connect with others all around the world. However, with its rise in popularity has come an increase in concerns regarding user safety while using online dating sites. To help ease those concerns, this article focuses on the top five safest online dating sites, including – a platform specifically for those who value their own health status.

1. swaGGerscan is a platform specifically for those who value their own health status. By this principle alone, they can easily lay claim to being the safest option among all online dating services. With a partnership with, swaGGerscan provides members with worldwide access to local testing. Their membership options are both free and premium and members don’t mind infusing the health awareness topic into the get-to-know. This platform has plenty of swaGGer.

eHarmony prides itself on being one of the safest dating sites available. Their platform offers a comprehensive Relationship Questionnaire, which allows the site to better match users with potential partners. They also have screening procedures in place to check for fraudulent accounts, along with various security measures and encryption technology to protect user information.


3. EliteSingles
EliteSingles is another online dating platform that focuses on keeping user information safe. They use various techniques to verify new member registrations, including email verification and manual profile validation. Users are also given access to an anti-fraud system, site reporting options, and advanced encryption tools.


4. Bumble
Bumble is another highly secure dating app that puts safety first. They have implemented stringent profile verification guidelines and offer a range of security features, including an option to report suspicious or abusive behavior. Additionally, Bumble recently launched a feature called “Private Detector” which detects and flags potentially inappropriate images.


5. Match
Finally,Match is one of the oldest and most trusted dating sites in the industry. They have systems in place to detect and remove fraudulent profiles, as well as employ moderators to help filter out inappropriate messages and behavior. Additionally, Match has a feature called “private mode,” which allows users to control who sees their profile.


In addition to the above platforms, stands out as a dating site explicitly for those who are health-conscious. As an STD awareness dating site, it provides users with the ability to chat. It is a highly-discussed and engaging platform that allows those fearful of contracting an STD the ability to interact with one another in a safe community to form meaningful relationships.


Founded in 2013, swaGGerscan headquarters are located in Tallahassee Florida, USA. is particularly noteworthy for targeting those who want to prioritize their health while meeting others. By including such sites in one’s online dating options, users can feel more secure and enjoy their online dating experience with peace of mind.


Choosing a dating site is crucial for public health and user safety. All the sites mentioned above prioritize user security in various ways, ranging from ID verification to sophisticated encryption technology, making them some of the safest options available.


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