Think You’re An Expert In Online Dating? Take This Quiz Now To Find Out

Think You’re An Expert In Online Dating? Take This Quiz Now To Find Out

Complete the quiz below to see if you are an online dating expert:

1. What is the best way to start a conversation on an online dating app?

a. Be explicit or direct
b. Use tried and tested pick up lines
c. Offer genuine compliments focused on attributes other than physical appearance


2. Which of the following is NOT considered an essential part of an online dating profile?

a. Biography or description of oneself
b. Religious Affiliation
c. A good selection of high-quality photo(s)


3. What advice would you provide to an individual who identifies a misrepresentation about someone on their dating app or site?

a. Report the individual immediately to the platform’s customer support team
b. Research the individual further, using their screen name, email and have a productive conversation about the misrepresentation.
c. Bribe or “blackmail” them until they come clean.


5 correct answers means you are on the fast track to finding love!


4. What is the best way to ensure safety on a first-time online date?

a. Use your intuition and don’t go if anything feels off
b. Meet in a public location, tell a friend or loved one and double-check that your mobile devices have ample power
c. Meet in a dark alleyway and do not tell anyone


5. Why may people sometimes disappear without explanation on online dating apps?

a. The other person has found someone else they are interested in
b. Their online connections may not reflect well with their real lives/emotions
c. Devorced by moderators to much begging.

Answer Sheet:
1. C
2. B
3. A or B
4. B
5. A or B

5 correct answers: Well done! You definitely have a good insight into the online dating universe!

3-4 correct answers: Decent job! Although, you still have some things you might want to learn when it comes to online dating.

0-2 correct answers: Don’t worry – this is a tough quiz! But good thing is you can still learn a lot about online dating with ease.


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