ONLINE DATING: Attracting your first connection on swaGGerscan

ONLINE DATING: Attracting your first connection on swaGGerscan

Online dating can seem overwhelming for many men – there are millions of profiles and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. However, with a little effort, men can attract the right connections on dating websites and even on platforms like swaGGerscan, which has the added benefit of valuing testing and self-care. Here are some tips to help you create a strong profile on a dating website and get the connections you’re looking for.


1. Choose a great profile picture
The first thing that any individual notices when browsing profiles is the picture(s). Take clear, high-quality photos that highlight your features in a good light – and no blurry selfies preferably! Avoid group photos though, as individual selfies makes you stand out. Have a friend, family member or a pro to take the photo(s) for you. The pictures should display you and your personality positively and not go off the rails or being suggestive. At swaGGerscan, an additional emphasis is on showing confidence while taking care of your health and well-being.


2. Be Honest
Filling out your profile width a bit of honesty rather than false confidence is very important. Users appreciate honesty even where they choose to proceed to different profiles elsewhere. Mention if you smoke or drink but indicate that you do not judge people for their choices. However, mentioning you hardly use tobacco or other drugs indicates that not only do you believe in self-care but also understand relationship dynamics and respect for people’s life choices.


3. Keep it interesting
When writing your bio, skip the simple generic quotes and insert something unique to you that showcases personal style and values. Don’t be afraid to be a bit funny as this can create a relaxed and interesting vibe for potential dates. It’s best to avoid list making but instead, multi-dimensionally mention what you like to-do (joining in outdoor sports/music, playing basketball in your local, and having a game with friends at your apartment). Balancing introverted traits is key as well.


4. Be Open-minded
Going on to a dating site means that you are willing to explore the unknown. So, be open-minded and respectful to a diverse group of people who come from different places and require different areas of attention. Don’t let certain desires and expectations hamper future possibilities. In the case of swaGGerscan, having an open-mind towards self-care and displaying of one’s health status is expected. Be willing to disclose that you know your health status and welcome like-minded individuals to your life.


5. Add some intrigue
Spice up your profile by showcasing sarcasm, wit or an intriguing element that gets users curious about what defines you. You don’t have to give everything away, but a mystery might be romantic, even on a dating website.


With over 10 years of experience, swaGGerscan’s dating coach – Chelsea Penner provides up to date and contemporary advice on reaching relationship success.


From choosing the perfect picture to displaying the correct characteristics on a profile, attracting suitable connections can be overwhelming at first but doesn’t have to be. With trusting your gut feeling, approaching with honesty, portraying a bit of humor and intriguing charm, you’ll be able to gain worthy meaningful connections on dating sites. Remember, on swaGGerscan, besides showcasing personal talents and quirks, having a positive attitude towards self-care and navigating healthful grown-up conversations is an integral trait for building healthy relationships.


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