Unleash your inner health nut with swaGGerscan™️ – Dating for the (medically) conscious!

Unleash your inner health nut with swaGGerscan™️ – Dating for the (medically) conscious!

In the chaotic world of online dating, where swiping right feels like a full-time job and catfishing is as common as bad pickup lines, a glimmer of hope emerges. Enter swaGGerscan™️, the dating platform for those whose love language is getting tested. Because nothing screams romance like a clean bill of health, right?


Currently strutting around in the pre-seed stage like it’s the hottest thing in town, swaGGerscan™️ is proudly waving its flag of righteousness, aiming to revolutionize the dating game. Founded by Dia Hicks, a man who knows a thing or two about genetics and relationships (thank you, Sickle Cell genetic-trait-status), this platform promises to be the savior of all those genetics daters, germaphobes and hypochondriacs looking for love.


Picture this: you’re sipping your kale smoothie, sporting your latest Fitbit, and feeling oh-so-smug about your latest antibody test. Suddenly, a notification from swaGGerscan™️ pops up, informing you that a potential match (who also cares about their own health status) has connected. It’s a match made in test-resulting heaven!


But wait, there’s more! swaGGerscan™️ is now dipping its toe into the world of fundraising, aiming to raise a mere 150K to spread its message of health-conscious dating far and wide. Because who needs flowers and chocolates when you can gift your date an all expense paid first date to get tested for the “full panel,” am I right?


So, if you’re tired of swiping through a sea of questionable profiles and cringe-worthy bios, why not join the swaGGerscan™️ bandwagon? After all, nothing ignites the flames of passion quite like comparing cholesterol levels on a first date. Cheers to love, health, and the awkward conversations that come with them!


DYK: swaGGerscan will feature access to testing? Thanks to LabTestingAPI, swaGGerscan will not only provide access to testing for all common STDs, but will also offer access to genetic testing.


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