Am I Too Good to Date a Janitor?

Am I Too Good to Date a Janitor?

The question of whether someone is “too good” to date a janitor is not a straightforward one. Janitors, like any other profession, are an essential part of our society’s foundation, and their work should be valued and respected. Janitors are individuals who take pride in their jobs and are dedicated to ensuring that our public and private spaces are clean and safe.

When it comes to relationships, what matters most is not someone’s job but their values, personality, and character. Having a job as a janitor does not define their character and should not be a factor in determining whether or not someone is “too good” to date them. The reality is that we are all complex human beings with our own unique skill sets, and no one should be judged based on their profession.

It is understandable that people have preferences when it comes to dating, but it is essential to examine why those preferences exist. If someone is hesitant to date a janitor solely because of their profession, it is important to question why that is. Is it due to societal prejudices or a belief that certain jobs are inferior to others? It is vital to challenge these beliefs and see people for who they are as individuals and not defined by their jobs.

Janitors are hardworking individuals who often go unnoticed, and dating someone who works as a janitor can give you a new perspective on the world. It can help you appreciate the value of hard work, humility, and seeing the beauty in every profession. No matter what job someone has, we are all worthy of love and respect, and the measure of our worth should not be our profession.


DYK Famous film writer Stephen King, Jennifer Anniston and Jim Carrey all got their start as janitors before reaching stardom? One should never judge a book by its title.


In conclusion, being “too good” to date a janitor is a societal construct that should not determine someone’s worth. It is up to individuals to examine their own biases and see people for who they are as individuals and not based on their professions. Everyone deserves to find love and be appreciated for who they are, and janitors are no exception.

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